TRIVEX®, developed by PPG Industries, is a lens material known for its unique properties. Lightweight, clear, and highly impact-resistant, it also offers excellent chemical resistance and natural UV blocking, making it ideal for safety glasses, rimless frames, and sports eyewear. Originally designed for military and aerospace applications, it provides a durable, high-performance lens solution that doesn't compromise on comfort.


outstanding resistance

IKYUM® TRIVEX lenses offer visual clarity, exceptional resistance to impact and chemicals, along with natural UV protection. These features make them ideal for technical frames requiring durability to prevent breakage and chippings.

Materials for Ophthalmic Lenses

Clarity, Comfort, and Strength


Opting for TRIVEX® lenses is the ideal solution to prevent lens breakage or chipping from twisting or impact, which often occurs with traditional lenses. Trivex is especially suitable for drilled or inverted frames, where the material’s durability truly shines.

Materials for Ophthalmic Lenses