Premium lenses with no compromise on quality

Enough endless explanation and overly technical arguments.
IKYUM® Clarity lenses are ultra thin, strong, aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and come optionally with a build in Blue Blocker filter.
Based on your prescription, our opticians will adust the polymer used to build your lenses to obtain the best result in the balance between visual quality and thickness at no additional cost.

Aspherical & High Index


The standard features of IKYUM® include ultra thin High Index lenses specially selected by our opticians depending of your prescription & Aspherical geometry without any extra charge.

Aspherical geometry improves the resolution with less visual distortion and more natural appearance

Thinner and lighter than regular lenses, the IKYUM® High index Aspherical glasses will make your eyewear look better.

durable, aesthetic & easycare

Nanotechnology to simplify your life

Easy to clean, super anti-reflective, aesthetically pleasing. Enhance the way you see the world by allowing more light to pass through the lens while eliminating glare


reducing digital eye strain

Optical lenses (non-sunglasses) commonly sold on the market absorb radiation below 370nm. At IKYUM®, we decided against taking risks for our clients. We are proud to proposed optionally a BlueBlocker UV 410 filter.



The hydrophobic IKYUM® Clarity coating allows the water to drain better as it prevents watermarks and avoids traces from remaining. The lenses will resist water by converting it into easy-to-remove round droplets. The coating ensures good protection especially when used in an aquatic environment. It also facilitates cleaning.

Based on nanotechnology, this high-tech coating is applied as standard with no extra charge to the entire IKYUM® range.



The oleophobic treatment is a dirt-repellent coating that greatly facilitates the maintenance of your eyewear.

It is a process that transforms the surfaces of IKYUM® lenses, so they repel dirt and greasy residues.

Based on nanotechnology, this high-tech coating is applied as a standard with no extra charge to the entire  IKYUM® range.



Dust repel is the ultimate new treatment. It avoids the electrostatic effect of the lenses when they are cleaned and acts as a barrier against dust. 

Consequently, this antistatic effect prevents particles from adhering, making it easier to clean the lenses with a microfiber cloth. This coating allows you to get the most out of your glasses without the drawbacks inherent in conventional anti-reflective coatings. 

Based on nanotechnology, this high-tech coating is applied as standard with no extra charge to the entire IKYUM® range.


Scratch resistant

IKYUM® organic lenses are particularly appreciated for their lightness and for the comfort they provide. 

In order to guarantee a long term durability, the entire IKYUM® range includes all features together with an anti-scratch coating that is applied to both surfaces of the lenses as standard. This increases significantly the resistance of the lenses to scratching and rubbing. This protective  approach  thus increases the durability of the lenses.

Based on nanotechnology, this high-tech coating is applied as standard with no extra charge to the entire IKYUM® range.

Standard 5


Anti-reflective coating also called super AR coating or anti-glare coating, improves vision, reduces eye strain and makes the eyeglasses look more attractive. These benefits are due to the ability to virtually eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of the eyeglass lenses. With less reflections , more light passes through your lenses. Your visual acuity is thus greatly increased and the lenses look nearly invisible.

Based on nanotechnology, this high-tech coating is applied as standard with no extra charge to the entire IKYUM® range.

IKYUM® Clarity Blue Blocker


Whether you are outdoors in the middle of the day or indoors with the lights on or in front of your screens or other tablets and cell phones, your eyes are constantly exposed to all visible and invisible light radiation. Directly include in the polymer all IKYUM® clarity lenses neutralize the entire blue light spectrum below 410nm. The amount of blue light our screens emit is only a fraction of that emitted by sunlight. But given the amount of time we spend in front of these screens, many ophthalmologists and other health professionals are concerned about the long-term effects on our eye health. Today we do not have conclusive scientific evidence on the impact of the blue light radiation from our devices on our eyes. The only conclusion we do know for sure is that the blue light stimulates a hormone that disturbs our sleep.

Read More about light spectrum



The color of the lenses does not necessarily correspond to their protective properties. Darker colors increase pupil dilation, which causes harmful UV rays to penetrate the eyes more than without glasses.

When buying your sunglasses, you should always pay attention to the so-called filter categories, which indicate the intensity of the color. Polarized or regular IKYUM® Sun Clarity deliver category 3 maximum legal level for daily usage.