Our partners opticians

Inquire about IKYUM® lenses with your optician and secure your warranty card for:

- 3 years ofdefect coverage
- 3-month satisfaction guarantee with free replacement
- 3-month complimentary replacement for prescription changes

Partnering with Opticians for Perfect Vision

Enhanced Visual Comfort

Opticians are your eye care specialists, guiding you to the best eyewear solutions tailored to your needs. While the right frame adds style, the quality of your lenses recommended by your optician is essential for optimal visual comfort, an aspect often overlooked by online retailers. Choose IKYUM® lenses for their cutting-edge technology at a competitive price. Visit our network of partner opticians to experience the superior quality and value of IKYUM® glasses.

In store discover the complet collection

More Color that suits you

In order to facilitate the understanding of our online store, we decided to sell only the men's models shape in the most popular color : Black Front and Silver brushed steel temples.

At our partner Opticians, you will find a wide selection of colors and varieties,

Color is power which directly influences the soul. Wassily Kandinsky


for her and for him

Take the time to visit your optician and let the professionals advise you on the shapes and colors that suit you best.. They will help you to decide.

It is in simplicity that we find the recipe for shapes that mark their time. When the design is complete, when the model fits you like a glove - why hesitate any longer? Doesn’t IKYUM® seem to be the obvious choice?