Engineered and crafted in Switzerland, our Flatmatic® and Openmatic® concepts showcase the precision and innovation of IKYUM® eyewear. Explore the expertise of our industrial partners who bring these designs to life with exceptional quality and craftsmanship.



Our partner TECHNOCUT SA based in Bonfol in Switzerland, renowned for their precision laser cutting, is at the forefront of technology. They meticulously craft our Flatmatic eyewear temples from Grade 5 Titanium using advanced laser techniques. Their exceptional craftsmanship ensures unparalleled quality and precision in every piece, bringing our vision of innovative eyewear to life.


durable mechanisms

SORED SA, a company with nearly a century of tradition and expertise in producing stamped and folded parts and wire springs, has firmly established itself as a market leader. They craft the hinges of our OPENMATIC frames, offering reliable and durable mechanisms.


surface impact treatment

MICROFINISH SA based in Villeneuve in Switzerland, with over 50 years of experience, has become a leader in surface impact treatment. As the Swiss leader in precision part finishing, they have gained the trust of the watchmaking, medical, connector, and automotive sectors for more than five decades. They handle the finishing of our FLATMATIC® temples, ensuring impeccable quality for our precision eyewear components.