Discomfort and weariness can be caused by some visual disorders. We recommend that you have your eyes checked at least once every two years by a professional even if you haven't observed any symptoms.

where can I get my prescription

Request your prescription from your Ophthalmologist or your Optician.

Check on the documents you received with your last pair of glasses

Select the type of glasses you need


Take your time as this is the only decision you'll have to make. To fit your style, select the appropriate shape and size. Everything about the lenses will be handled by us.


We have selected premium lenses with no compromise on quality

Enough endless explanation and overly technical arguments.
Our IKYUM® Clarity lenses are thin, strong, aesthetically pleasing, lightweight.
Based on your prescription, your opticians will adust the polymer used to build your lenses to obtain the best result in the balance between visual quality and thickness.