We make an Holistic approach to manufacture products on demand with consideration of environmental and ecological issues. Equipped with high quality lenses, we create and deliver accurate premium optical eyewear, perfectly adapted for your face at unbeatable price. Designed in Switzerland and fitted with our unique Swiss Made U-Blade pop-up hinge (patent pending), our frames are assembled in our workshop in Switzerland. Thanks to the 3D face scanning technology which provides us with precise anatomical measurements such as face topography, pupillary distance, segment high, size adaptation for virtual trial and a perfect fitting.

Keep it simple

Focus on What Matters

Christophe Kozma is an optician-optometrist who has practiced in the United States and Switzerland. Passionate about the eyewear industry he has founded several international brands. He is now Team Leader of qualified Professionals who stand by to answer your questions and assist you through your purchase.

FINDING Solutions

Towards a sustainable future

In the last few years, eyewear manufacturers and brands have flooded the market with frames, Mass produced, these eyewear filling up stocks all over the world with unsold products are examples of a frantic consumption of energy and precious resources.
With IKYUM®, we had taken the problem in reverse. How to slow down this industrial debauchery and still seduce our customers? How to propose an innovative alternative to the present scale of production and consumption. How to offer one of the best optical glasses of the market for a price defying all competition while keeping an Eco responsible and sustainable approach on the frames?

Bringing the best of innovative thinking

comfort of modern everyday wear

Beyond technology, is a know-how. Beyond design lies emotion. We set a specific goal: to bring useful, fun and addictive features to our glasses while ensuring simple and reliable assembly.

We create the U-Blade Automatic opening hinge to give new sensations to IKYUM's eyewear owner.

swiss knife spirit | build to last

Use the strengths of Swiss know-how

The hinges of our glasses, manufactured by a traditional Swiss company located in la Chaux-de-Fonds having more than a century of experience in this area, will convince you with their elaborate and durable mechanism.

3D printing Consume only what needed

just in time production

Production on demand is the key to avoid waste. Our front frames are made with he latest additive technology. The material used is stronger than the acetate usually employed in the eyewear industry, lighter than titanium and more flexible than conventional injectable materials. Our glasses are extremely comfortable, light, durable and strong.

Perfectly balanced, our glasses provide the perfect feeling that you are looking for. Produced just in time on demand, with a 2 weeks delivery each IKYUM's eyewear is durable, sustainable, and comfortable.

Ophtalmic lenses


We can't talk about high-end eyewear without mentioning the lenses that go with it. The selection of ophthalmic lenses is part of our expertise. At IKYUM®, we set the bar very high so that your glasses look good and offer you the best quality of vision possible. The standard features of IKYUM® include ultra thin High Index lenses specially selected by our opticians depending of your prescription without any extra charge.

Ultra precise vision for all

IKYUM® clarity

The anti-reflection coatings on IKYUM® clarity lenses improve the perception of Contrasts and Sharpness. The visual comfort is better, without any reflection, the look is more natural thanks to the increased transparency and aesthetic lenses. This technology guarantees the resistant of the lenses. The surfaces are water, dust and grease repellent. IKYUM®, glass designed to last and easy to live with.

When innovation unlocks new values.

Discover addictive gestures

The patented automatic opening system provides the eyewear a whole new meaning. You’ll not only enjoy the comfort and style of the frame, but also the addictive, playful feeling of opening the temples in a flash.

Sturdy and lightweight, the IKYUM® eyewear is designed for people who are looking for that little extra something that makes the product so exclusive.