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STRAIGHT Performance


STRAIGHT RX sunglasses are proposed with category 3 UV400 lenses. Available with a plain tint, gradient tint or with optional Polarized and Mirror coating lenses. Shield your eyes from UV rays with style and and efficiency. Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessories, they are also protective equipment designed to shield the eyes from UV rays, avoid discomfort from bright light and help prevent problems caused by sun exposure, such as retinal damage, cataracts and photokeratitis. Our Straight sunglasses collection are made for active and sporty people. It fits the face like a glove, with a more pronounced curve than the pure Urban sunglasses. All of the components have gained muscle. The U-Blade+ system ensures powerful automatic openings and keep the eyewear comfortable and light weight.



Light waves move in all directions, when they are reflected on a flat surface (water, car windshield, snow, etc.), their axis of vibration is changed. The so-called "polarized" light is the one that vibrates only on a horizontal axis. This is what causes glare.

Polarizing lenses block the polarized light and only let through the light carrying information. Thus, they improve visual acuity by filtering all reflections due to reflective surfaces.

Whether you are driving, practicing a water sport or mountain hiking, polarizing glass is a solution for you.  For your information, LCD screens usually also contain a polarizing filter to see more clearly. Depending on the axis of polarization of the screen, it happens that it remains black when wearing your polarized glasses.